We are children of the Freespirit Art Group from Moree in the Central Region of Ghana. We would like to write something about our the most exciting activities we have during the last year.

Last August, during vacation, we went to camp at Duakwa to have a nice time together. For most of us it was the first time we went outside of Moree. It was fantastic and exciting to see lots of new things and different people.

We went to a forest to see the biggest trees in Ghana and we visited cocoa bod and plantation. We were very interested to know more about what cocoa is used for and how it is exported to other countries. 

We also enjoyed carry out activities with computers during the camp. Most of us do not know much about computers so it was a new experience for us to practice with a computer. First it was difficult for us to work with a computer, but later we got to know some ideas about handling it. We enjoyed to learn how to click with the mouse and how to create folders and how the writing and paint program work. We also enjoyed cooking and eating different foods like kenkey with kontomire stew. Kontomire is a greenish vegetable and tastes very good and delicious!

We were asked to search and find a hidden treasure. We suffered a lot before getting it and our treasure was very nice. It was a bead which we could wear for performance.

Our next activity was to the Abangye Festival in Moree. It is a festival which is celebrated by people in Moree every year to bring individuals and family members together. This festival for eleven years was not celebrated at Moree due to chieftain's disputes and misunderstanding. Fortunately, the festival was celebrated this year. We danced the traditional dances while other groups played the music. It was a fantastic feeling and really nice atmosphere. We sang, drummed and clapped our hands together. We felt very happy . Later, all of us went to the beach, danced and sang all around.

Another trip was the trip to Anomabo, Beach Resort. There, we relaxed and enjoyed our time. We also swam in the sea and played football and had a lot of fun, but it was also hard and we sweated much. After lunch we sat together and performed at the Beach Resort. It was a very nice day we spent together!

Fetu Afahye is also an important festival celebrated by people in Cape Coast. We were the only group who got invitation to perform . The special guest of honour was the president of the republic of Ghana,Mr. John Dramani Mahama. On one hand, we were very afraid to perform in front of so many people,but on the other, we were really happy to see the chiefs who were passing around us. Suddenly we saw the Ministers and the President of Ghana. We could not believe that the president even shaked hands with some of our drummers! It was a great feeling, but we were very shy and afraid, because we have never seen the President before. We were very surprised when the president told us,that we are very talented dancers. To top it all two of our dancers, Salomey and Mary danced kete (a type of dance In Ghana) with the president.


We received a lot of positive comments from the public. Our coach was also very happy about our performances.

On 4th September the next academic year started. We were very excited and happy to see our friends again in school with some promoted to the next class while others not. But before classes begin, we had to arrange the desks to clean up the school.

Our dream is to go to Poland to participate in an international festivals there. We often ask questions about the distance of Poland from Ghana and how are we going to get there. We just can't imagine the situation in the air plane. Also we don't know how the people live in Poland. We will be very excited to be there and It will be a great adventure for all of us!

Some of African dences : Kuku, Osa (Zulu dance), Kpakhya, Kete, Apatampa and Kundum. However, the most important dance that we rehearsed many times to perform it perfectly during the fetu Afahye was Apatampa. Someone could say why Apatampa? This is because Apatampa was originally danced by the people of Cape Coast. Because of that we rehearsed this dance (Apatampa) to show that we are also from Cape Coast.

On the 22nd September,2012, we went to perform at Cape Three Point forest Reserve and to visit forts Sebastian and Orange. We actually had a nice experience. For instance, we saw cannon balls and ancient human remains. We were taught how to do meditation and some few exercises. We experienced a new environment and had new friends who enjoyed our performance.

In summary, the coming into being of the Freespirit Art Group at Moree has been a blessing to us and the people of Moree thanks to our sponsors, may God bless you profoundly.

Happy New Year,

The Freespirit Art Group :)

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