On 31st December the Freespirit Art Group went to Anomabo Beach Resort to give New Year's Performances. Coach Ben from Accra, librarian Geatan, three volunteers from Poland : Kuba, Iwona and Ingrid met together to make plans for the trip.

Firstly we make a list of children which will perform. Coach Ben decided to take 25 children. After that we prepared menu and made a shopping list. In the meantime John organized a bus. Next we divided in 2 groups. In first group there were: coach Ben, Ingrid, Iwona and some dancers (Adelaide, Beatrice, Agnes, Araba, Cecilia). We went to buy some food on the market. After shopping girls went to prepare stew. During that time Kuba and Geatan were checking tents before the trip, and took care of the rest of the children. Coach Anthony came at 2.20 p.m and started warming up with children. Coach Ben was checking and packing costumes for kids after that he joined children during their practice.
Bus come, we packed drums, costumes, food, tents and after "zbiórka", all the kids with their belongings inside the bus. Singing and laughing we began our trip to Anomabo at 5 pm. When we came, we met man from the Beach Resort and planed with him hours of performances, prepared camping place. Freespirit Art Group gave first performance at 6 pm.. Tourists were amused and applauded for long time. During the brake kids took shower and started second performance at 8.15 pm. They performed till 9.15 p.m. This performance included couch Ben's lesson of Ghanaian dances for tourists which they loved! Tourist had opportunity to dance with children from the Art Group and volunteers, after that holidaymakers asked a lot about Freespirit Foundation and donate 55 GHC. After kids ate kenkey with stew and had some rest. At 11.20p.m. the Freespirit Art group gave a main performance supervised only by coach Ben and welcome New Year 2013 with tourist. We all went to sleep after 1 pm.
In the first morning of year 2013 we waked up at 5.45 am., saw sunrise and then children started their practice on the beach supported by music clumsily played on drums by eager volunteers;) Then kids have time to swim in the ocean and ate breakfast prepared by Anomabo Beach Resort staff. Children gave the last performance, we packed our belongings, clean up camping place and totally tired but satisfied headed back home to Moree.
When we arrived we collected and counted costumes and items that kids are using during performance. Cecilia swept floors. After "zbiórka" volunteers thanked children for the performance, coaches for their work, and gave everybody some sweets as a reward. We closed library at 1.05 pm ,

Gaetan, Iwona, Ingrid and Kuba

"..positive energy and enthusiasm they have given us. Great and very professional performance. They have obviously worked a lot and that has to be recognized. Beyond the great performance we have really enjoyed the spirit of the project, the interaction with the team and the children during the break, children wherever they come from have no barriers in mind and naturally display the values that your foundation wants to project..."
appy new year,