Children's ‘Freespirit’ Art Group

Dance and theatre give the possibility to expres ideas, which is extremely important in illiterate communities. Through dance ideas, knowledge, beliefs and tradition are passed on.

Since 2007 the Freespirit Foundation has been working with Moree children who are willing to learn and preserve Ghanaian culture. They have establish the first library at Moree and the Freespirit Folk Group. Children learn traditional local dances and play different African instruments, promote African culture within the local community as

well as other places trough taking part in festivals which attract tourist from every continents. The Freespirit Group showed their talents and passion on the International Conference of African Culture and Development and many times during different other cultural events in the National Center and National Theater in Accra.

Freespirit performed on one of the most important festival on the last September, Fetu Afahye which is celebrated in Cape Coast. Many people from all over Ghana, visitors from abroad, authorities from the region as well as the President of Ghana participated in this event.

Library in Moree

One of the goals of the foundation is to support education of the children of Moree. On February 2008 our Freespirit Art Group performed at the terrace of the new , but temporary, library built by support of the Freespirit Foundation. First books, collected in Poland, England and Ireland arrived soon afterward and the library came into operation.

The library resembles a small Cultural Centre, partly thanks to the Art group classes and additional classes.

The library is an opportunity for both youth and adults to start or continue their education, raising literacy levels and reducing illiteracy amongst young people and adults. 



There are more than 2 thousand children who do not attend school in Moree. Help us look after children ! The donation is just 15 $ a month per child. The money is used to pay school fees, buy the necessary school uniform, educational materials, and additional classes in the library. The progress is especially visible in cases of children who get school and family support.